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Ultimatetraceur.com is the perfect place to learn all there is to know about parkour.  From the history of parkour, to parkour training techniques, to amazing videos and pictures, this site brings everything to your fingertips so you can begin learning how to become a traceur today.


Parkour is the art of movement, and was developed in France by David Belle and others.  Simply put, it is the process of getting from point A to point B in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.  Parkour is overcoming all obstacles gracefully.  Parkour practitioners, or Traceurs, complete parkour training in specific ways to hone their bodies and minds to be able to overcome any challenge.  Through precise movement, and dutiful training, a traceur achieves “flow”, enabling him to effortlessly move through each obstacle instinctively, his body innately knowing how to most efficiently move forward and how to string together movement and technique with ease.

Le Parkour

  • Learn parkour “techniques” with the help of descriptive explanations and videos.
  • Read about the History of Parkour and discover how it all began.
  • Watch amazing videos posted online by seasoned Traceurs.
  • Become acquainted with parkour terminology and the difference between parkour and free running.

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“Obstacles are found everywhere, and in overcoming them we nourish ourselves.” -David Belle